Nearly a fifth of public companies are “zombies” propped up by debt.

With its “zombie” public companies and small-business failures, the economy is “dead,” and nothing can stop it from happening. Figures state that the so-called bubble has been pumped with the bogus supply of cash and should have busted during 2020 but the Covid Pandemic has intrusively made it bigger. It won’t bottom until 2023. “The crisis ahead of us is a big detox of the biggest financial drug stimulus in history” The stock market will bottom late in 2022 or early 2023. …

It is a question that is intentionally broad and open because we don’t know what we don’t understand. We find ourselves thinking, ‘This problem is so big — and so urgent. With so much resistance and inaction, how can anything we do possibly make a difference?’

I used to think this feeling of overwhelm and dread was because I hadn’t been paying as much attention to the problem or the solution. If I just learned more, I’d know what to do. BUT. That’s not how it works.

Understanding the problem and potential solutions in some depth is necessary, but not…


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